Robert Showalter of H2O2 Colour Studio & Menzwork

Robert Showalter of H2O2 Colour Studio & Menzwork

Robert Showalter of H2O2 Colour Studio and Menzwork runs a very unique business in Studio 21 at our College Park location. H2O2 Colour Studio focuses on organic hair color and is a green, earth-friendly salon using organic based hair color. Robert loves to work with blondes, but he can do all colors of hair. Robert has been a hairstylist for 23 years, graduated from Woody’s Hairstyling School, and has been a resident of College Park for 16 years.

Ready to experience the personal freedom that comes with owning your own salon without all the headaches, Robert chose to branch out on his own and come to iStudio Salons. Robert loves the contemporary, elegant design iStudio Salons offers. He specializes in all cuts, colors, eyelash tinting, balayage, ombre, microlights, makeup, up-dos, and weddings. He also owns Menzwork, which is a full body waxing service focusing mainly on men. The most popular requests are back, shoulders, full body and Brazilian. Robert also provides facial waxing services to women.

A prolific painter focusing on contemporary abstract art, Robert loves Chinese food, biking, and spending time with his two rescue greyhounds, Harlow and Beau. His bucket list includes more travel.

To contact Robert for an appointment, call or text him at 407-284-9599.

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